How About Some Luxuriously Aged Coffee For The Evening?

Aged wine is the best. Period.

We all know that. People always talk about how wine ages gracefully.
But have you ever tried aged coffee?

Yes, you read that right. Aged coffee is a thing and well, a luxurious one at that. And if you haven’t tried it then you have a good chance now.

Nespresso, an operating unit of the food and drink giant Nestle, based in Switzerland has unveiled aged coffee for the first time ever and it is called “Selection Vintage 2014”. It is going to be a limited edition coffee that will be making its debut this month and as for its taste, it is going to be smooth, rich and velvety.


The goodness of aged coffee

Coffee is deliberately aged in order to bring out its hidden sensory dimensions that define a whole new level of taste and luxury to it. And these dimensions are cultivated gradually over a period of time.
Fresh Arabica coffee picked from the rich Columbian highlands were first harvested in 2014 and was stored to age over the years. And this has brought out a rich and complex taste with a hint of a soft fruity flavour along with earthiness brought about from the storage.


It is down in history

The origin of traditional aged coffee goes back to the 18th century, when coffee beans were put to age over several months while sailing from Indonesia to Europe. Since the beans were carried over the ocean, they were exposed to the salt water and along with the damp air of the ocean, they started to swell.
That was basically how aged coffee started being produced.
Other natural things like irregular temperature and light variations can also cause the beans to change their properties and texture including their eventual aroma and reaction to roasting.


About “Selection Vintage 2014”, Karsten Ranitzsch, Head of Coffee at Nespresso, says “We wanted to introduce an entirely new flavor with unique qualities. To age the coffee we needed to start with beans of an exceptional quality and then store them in very specialized conditions that we regulated constantly.”

Well, that is one luxury beverage that we all would definitely love to try, wouldn’t we?

It comes at a good cost of course. It is priced at S$8.80 for 10 capsules and it is available across all Nespresso boutiques in Singapore since February 9th   but only for a limited time though. So hurry up.

Oh and by the way, Selection Vintage 2014 is best served black.

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