Ryan Gosling and the blonde lady who soaked in all of the attention!

Ryan Gosling appeared in the company of a very elegant and good looking blonde.


His wife Eva Mendes again stayed at home, even when everyone thought they would come together. Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling may not have won an Academy Award for his achievements in the movie ‘La La Land’, but he stole our hearts even before with  ‘Notebook’. In 2011 he won the heart of beautiful actress Eva Mendes, it has been a couple of months that they are married and they have two beautiful daughters. Despite many years of harmonious relationship, the duo on the red carpet appeared only twice, and both of them at the premiere of their movie together.


Now the rumor was that the duo will finally appear together as a couple at the Academy Awards, but there was nothing like that. Instead, at the awards appeared in the company of a busty blonde, which in the end turned out to be his sister Mandi. Until everyone knew, everything they wanted to know was ‘who is the blonde in a gold dress sitting next to Gosling?’. Mandi stole the show with her lush bust, and the internet seemed to like her right away. ‘She is beautiful’,  ‘I love her dress’, ‘Can someone meet me with Ryan’s sister?’, ‘Ryan’s sister should win an Oscar’, are some of the comments on Twitter.