Want to look younger? Then do not do these things!

Younger people want to look older and older want to look younger, very simple!

And just in their efforts to look younger, women do some mistakes which actually make them look much older. Here is what you should avoid:

  1. Hair Coloring – Overlapping gray hairs is many women’s priority when it comes to beauty and appearance, but hair coloring can be a wrong move. The trends are rainbow colored hair, so it is not surprising to see both younger and older women who have decided to paint your hair blue, purple, green – However, allow such experiments to Lady Gaga, says renowned expert in hair and color from New York, Louis Licari. One of the mistakes is certainly coloring too often, especially bright, blond hair. That way it loses the ‘golden glow’, then you look older as well as when coloring your hair in black.13ce396519b8eb33ef463fc42cc37312
  2. Wrong bra – Some find it a nightmare to choose the right bra. If you want to look younger, ask the experts how to choose a bra that will fit you. The right choice of bras will elongate your figure, make your waist thinner and visually ‘rejuvenate’ your appearance, says New York stylist Annabel Tollman.
  1. Makeup – Are you self-taught makeup artist? It is possible that the wrong application of make-up makes your face look older. The eyes should be done in brighter colors to look younger, advises makeup artist Paula Dorf.using-blushes
  2. Clothes – Leave clothes from the 90’s and put on a leather jacket, tousled hair or a trendy handbag. Little fashion details and changes in clothing will make you younger and for a decade!