4 Must-Have Summer Hair Care Products; You Don’t Want To Miss These!

It’s summer time people! It is time to get rid of those layers and coats and start flaunting our sexiest floral dresses and bikinis.
Which reminds me, we also have to make it a point to hit the gym regularly, at least till we are done wearing our favorite dresses!

So aside from that bummer, we have all reasons to celebrate the awesome season and have more frequent beach getaways.
While we are at it, we should be carrying all the essentials for our skin care like our SPF lotions, our sun glasses and our hats. We all know that, because the sun is just as bad for our skin as it is good for us, with its harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Something that we always seem to forget though, is to care about our hair. Everyone seems to think that the summer season is probable the best for our hair, in the sense that it requires least care. But the fact is that our hair requires just as much care in the summer as it does in any other season.

So here are 4 absolutely essential hair care and styling products for our hair:

Dry Shampoo

When it’s summer time, your hair is bound to become greasy and oily. And what better way to give your hair an instant bounce and volume than dry shampoo. The best dry shampoos can bring out the natural beauty of even the greasiest of hair.

dry-shampooSource: http://preventionpulse.com/beauty/the-5-most-common-dry-shampoo-mistakes/

A thorough cleaning wet shampoo

Thorough deep cleaning is not just for your skin. You need to use an effective cleansing and clarifying shampoo for your hair at least once a week to get rid of dirt, grime, sweat and general product build up.

Leave-in conditioner

Right before you head out in to the sun, be sure to use a protective leave-in conditioner. It helps to maintain smoother strands of hair and keeps your hair hydrated as well. It also acts as a layer of protection from the sun.

hair-care-1Source: http://www.hellawella.com/hydrate-your-thirsty-summer-fried-hair-these-5-leave-treatments

Tame the frizz

Summers always tend to make your hair frizzy. So you must carry an anti-frizz treatment in your bag at all times. Just a little of that once in a while can help keep your hair healthy even during the high heat and humidity.

So next time you head out for your summer vacation, make sure you pack all this good stuff and don’t you dare tie up your gorgeous locks!

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