6 Biggest mistakes which occur when using hair straighteners and irons!

Many women love to have a smooth, shiny, straight hair, which is easily achieved with the help of devices for handling, the popular ‘irons’. However, it easily damages your hair, and after that it is extremely hard to have it repaired.

Here are six major mistakes you might be doing when using a hair straightener:

1. Using a hair straightener on a wet hair – If you are moving with ‘iron’ over wet hair, the strands are forming bubbles and that is the reason why the hair ends up damaged. The damage is most visible on the cracked tops and in the increased fragility of hair. If you do not have time to completely dry hair before ironing, at least briefly dry it with a hair dryer. 201111-orig-wet-hair-949x534.jpg2. Straightening your hair every day – Every morning  you get up, only to come to straighten hair. Now it looks nice, but in time it could turn into a ‘straw’. Do not iron your hair every day, it really is not necessary. The linear appearance usually can last up to 2-3 days.

3. Straight hair that has already been treated too often – Grout treatment: the constant change of color, the use of too many products for styling … If the hair is chemically damaged or has been exposed to excessive heat, allow it to recover for some time before you begin with the ‘ironing’.


4. Putting the iron device to a very high temperature – The hotter device is, faster and easier you straighten your hair? Do not think that having it go faster and easier means that it is also good for your hair, it is actually awful and will damage your hair in a mater of seconds. Always be cautious when it comes to the temperature, the hotter it gets the more damage it will cause, obviously.

5. Using the wrong type of device – Depending on the material that covers the grips, the market offers ‘irons’ made out of tourmaline, ceramic or titanium. Tourmaline is recommended as a good solution for most types of hair and allegedly causes the least damage. If you have thick hair, it may suit you better ‘iron’ made out of titanium that allows rapid heat transfer, and therefore faster and better results. Ceramic ‘irons’ easy glide hair and quickly provide uniform heat

6. Not using a heat protector – It is important to use sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays, same importance goes with heat protectors which protect hair from heat styling devices. Whether ironing or drying your hair, always apply thermal protection beforehand (the most practical products come in a spray form).o-HEAT-PROTECTANT-SPRAYS-facebook.jpg