Enjoy counting stars out of bed in the Maldives!

Soneva, one of the world’s most luxurious hotel chains situated in a private lagoon that stretches for 5.6 kilometers. Resort offers 24 villas on the water and a villa on the island, and the plan is to have several luxury villas. Inspired by word with meaning ‘wisdom’ in Sanskrit, Soneva Jani is located on the island Medhufaru, which is part of a small group of five uninhabited islands in Noonu Atoll.


The characteristics of the main island are beautiful paradise beaches and the rest covered with tropical vegetation. A special treat for fans of the best travel and leisure will definitely be a master bedroom with a sliding roof that provides a look at the stars from the comfort of the bed. All it takes is one push of a button. And, do not worry, the roof closes automatically when sensors detect the raindrops.


Each villa has a private swimming pool and its own access to the beach and lagoon, some villas have a slide which is fun and fast –  guests can come down in perfectly clean water. Soneva Java has a wellness center, diving center, observatory and particularly well equipped playground for children (some of these are still under construction).


There are also eco center, organic gardens and an outdoor cinema Paradiso, the first ‘silent’ cinema in the Maldives (guests get a Bluetooth headset to watch movies and not to disturb the peace of other guests and animal life on the island).