4 Facts About Zumba Dance That You Probably Didn’t Know

Have you heard of the Zumba dance?

If you have, then you might already know that it is one of the most famous dance plus fitness programs in the world. There are at least a thousand people who join Zumba classes every single day across the world.

And do you know why it is gaining more and more popularity by the day?
Because it is interesting, it is different, it is a dance most of all and people get to learn some dance and get fit at the same time.
Most importantly, people find it to be highly successful.

Do you need any other reason?

So now that we have all established the fact that Zumba is a pretty popular thing in this world, wouldn’t you like to learn more about it?

Here are 4 facts that you probably didn’t know about the dance:

The origin of Zumba

If you’re getting to know the dance better, we figured, well we might as well start with the origin.
So Zumba originated in Columbia. It was created by Mr Alberto Perez who happens to be a Columbian dancer and choreographer living in California currently. He created it in the 1990s during one of his classes when he thought of the idea of combining aerobics with music as well as some traditional Latin ingredients to the dance routine.

The effectiveness of Zumba

Although Zumba is generally considered to be very effective in terms of fitness, it has not quite been scientifically proven to be effective. Very little analysis and research studies have been conducted to prove the benefits of the dance program.

zumba-1Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amghardroid.zumbadanceworkout

Group classes are best

Zumba is ultimately a dance of course. Hence, it is always more fun to practice it in groups and make it a dance party rather than a typical workout session. Doing it alone will lead to monotonous sessions and thus slack.

Zumba is meant for older people as well

There is a general notion that high energy workout routines are mostly meant for the young. But Zumba can be practiced by old people as well, including up to a 100 year olds. There are different variations of the program to suit different age groups which includes children and older people.

Feel like you are ready to join a fun Zumba class yet?
I would definitely say go ahead, because hey, if there is any possible way to make working out more fun!