Beauty errors that every man notices!

You are wrong if you think your man does not notice that you did your makeup in rush. Maybe they do not have an eye for it, as well as women, but the following errors will certainly be noticed:

Too much perfume – While you might think that the fragrance of your perfume that is felt ‘a mile’ will attract men, it will actually refuse them. Use your perfume only behind both ears and wrist.


The shimmering shades – These are suitable for younger girls, while for women of a certain age the best use goes with matte eye shadows that will not highlight every wrinkle around the eyes.

Incorrectly applied powder – Your foundation is not well done, there is too much or it is the wrong color that does not match your skin tone – these things will surely be noticed by the man’s eyes. If you are not sure that you powder suits your skin tone, consult a salesperson, and be careful how you apply it.

Clumps of mascara – Although you might think that no one else would notice, you are wrong. Men love long lashes because they feel seductive and sexy, so be sure to apply mascara, just make sure you use it sparingly and look for something that will not smear during the day.

Poor mouth hygiene – Every man will reject bad breath, food remains on the teeth or irregular oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice a day and always keep a candy or refreshing water with you, just in case!