Emma Watson posed topless?! That is a new thing.

The actress surprised with her most provocative edition so far. Watson for the magazine Vanity Fair posed topless, while breasts were partially covered by a bolero.

Emma Watson (26) caused a chain reaction for photos that have appeared overnight in the magazine Vanity Fair. On one of them, actress posed topless, her breasts were covered by a white bolero. – Due to the role of Belle in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ I feel like I am finally displayed as a girl who grew into a woman – said Emma, best known for playing nice ‘geek’ Hermione in the Harry Potter film.

Not everyone liked her ‘naked’ photos. Some believe that the actress, known to feminist activism, is hypocritical because she decided to strip in front of the camera. – Is it not better to prove that you can be successful if you do not take off your clothes. What message is sent to the little girls who will go see ‘Beauty and the Beast’?, and then our kids will see her naked in a magazine – was one of the comments. But those who are standing on Emma’s side pointed out that the actress never tried to hide her sexuality. Recently she discovered and that she is subscribed to an Internet site dedicated to women and sex and that she had never felt sexier.’Sexuality is a part of every woman’- wrote one user of Twitter.