The Most Effective Way To Stop Yourself From Quitting Workout Regimes; Really!

Working out is just so difficult sometimes right?
I mean we need to get up so early and not just sit somewhere but jump and run and sweat.
Sure, the after feeling is pretty awesome and refreshing. But we all know of those particularly lazy mornings when just getting out of bed seems like an ordeal let alone wear track pants and shoes and get sweating.
Besides, sometimes we also find ourselves just looking forward to the finish line just so we can be done with the day’s session.

Yes, we feel you.

We can’t ignore these facts now. But what we can do is to find a way to make it interesting for us. We need to literally change the way we see working out in order to feel differently about it.
I’m sure all of you have heard of a certain “high” that runners and athletes often get. Now most of us would probably be getting a fresh and possibly “high” feeling after we’re done with working out for the day. But it is possible and important to incorporate those feeling whilst we’re working out.

One way to do that is by practicing meditation.
Wait wait, before you call it BS and switch the tab, hear me out.

Meditation helps to bring a certain consciousness of our body while we’re working out, which makes it more interesting and effective altogether.

Here are 3 exercise routines where you can practice meditation and hence stay fit:


This is the simplest form of cardio workout where you can incorporate meditation. We all have probably heard of the runner’s high, but if you’re like me, then you probably thought it was a rather elusive or larger than life concept.
But the fact is that you can enjoy running by viewing it and feeling differently. You need to be present at the moment and be totally aware of what your body is feeling.
You can also try breathing deep from the abdomen while running and changing routes to mix it up.

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This one is probably obvious. Yoga is very well known to bring a state of serenity and peace to the mind. Practicing it in quiet places and quiet times of the day helps to bring more concentration and keeps your mind focused on what your body is feeling.


This is no doubt one of the most proven effective and fun workout routines ever. To make it more fun, you can include meditation. It is probably the easiest to meditate while swimming because it involves water and the mere blue color of the water helps to achieve a meditative state. You will find your breathing is automatically relaxed and calm.


Be sure to practice meditation while you’re working out to see visible changes in the way it affects your health and fitness. And one more thing, do not be discouraged by the initial pain.Trust me, it is meant to happen.

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