5 Extremely important details that men love about women!

Most of the men love to see a good looking woman, but they still prefer a person who is confident, knows what she wants out of her life and trusts her instincts first.

Confidence – Men do not want a women with big ego, but those who feel good about themselves, know who they are and in which direction they move. Confidence in a woman is very sexy from the perception of a man.

A good sense of humor – Men are not attracted to a woman who is forcefully laughing at every word he says, regardless of whether funny or not. Men like to see you smile, but everything should have its limits – same this goes for your jokes of course!


Passionate – Passionate woman is an exciting woman. But men do not want just a passionate wife in bed, they want to see the passion you have when it comes to your job and hobbies. Present a men with your ideas without fear and you will notice how lovely he will look at you!


Have your own opinion – Many women formed their opinions based on other people’s opinions, but a woman who chooses to walk with a man only after it is approved by her friends, is something a he will not like.

Love your own appearance – Men love a woman who takes loves very detail of her appearance, not only clothes and shoes she wears. She cares for the haircut, manicure, oral hygiene and carries a subtle scent that captivates the senses. Most men notice the small details such as that.