You like to have a very tight ponytail? After this, you will probably like it a lot less!

The pain that occurs in strongly strained hairstyles is actually signal of the nervous system. This pressure on the hair follicle does not suit him, and the result can be hair loss. If you ever feel pain in your hair while you have a firm tight ponytail or bun, you know how irritating it can be. You can relieve yourself of this pain simply releasing your hair.

That feeling of tension pieces and burning the scalp actually occurs due to pressure on the nerves. – The follicles are one of the first receptor feelings. Your hair is part of the nervous system. Therefore, when you tighten your hair in sturdy tail it puts pressure on the nerve endings at the base of hair follicles – said dr. Angela Lamb, director of dermatological faculty West Mount Sinai for the Huffington Post.


Jessica Wu, Dermatologic from Los Angeles explained that the hair eventually gets used to a certain position in which it is standing. – Nervous ends after some time to get used to be in a certain position and do not respond to them. Whenever you change something on your hair – when you remove a bun or ponytail, nerve endings re-stimulate and the scalp becomes more sensitive – says Wu. Having a tight ponytail or a bun is fine, but if you do it often, the consequences will not be pretty, adds Dr. Lamb,- Often tightening hair can cause alopecia, hair loss, which occurs in 70% of men and 30% women. Constantly wearing raised hairstyle increases the risk of hair loss due to stress and tension.