Buying a new bag? This is what you should pay attention to!

We carry bags every day, all day, which must be equally applicable in all circumstances: as a business bag, as well as a bag for a drink after work, to go for a coffee in town, shopping, trips … Just like a coat or leather jacket, daily bag is one of the key stylistic pieces in any wardrobe. If you pay attention to these things, you will find a bag perfect for you and your needs.


Your lifestyle

The daily bag has to be adapted to a range of situations and therefore it is useful to think about how you look on an average day, or week. For example, ‘firm’ bag will look funny on weekends, paired with sneakers and jeans, and a shining model of ground leather bag is not the happiest choice for mothers with small children because it is likely to last only a couple of days (most of the time).

Black is not the only color in the world

Although it seems most practical, a black bag is actually very restrictive: it is not the most appropriate choice for the hot months, and in combination with most of bright colors seems a little ridiculous. Consider coats and jackets that you own or you are planning to buy, so according to that, select your perfect bag. Brown is always a great choice because it fits in most of the combinations, but why not consider for example, cobalt blue or orange bag? It will look great and with black, gray or brown coat and with a beige trench coat, denim jacket and a white summer dress, pretty much anything.



Most women, more out of sheer laziness carry a lot of things in their bags, sometimes even the things which are not necessary. Therefore, it is useful to pay attention to the weight of the bag – if it seems heavy even when it is empty, imagine what will happen when it is full of the accessories, makeup, perfumes, what will this do to your back and shoulders?


Try it several times

Shopping bags should be approached in the same way as buying clothes: Try it several times, in several different combinations. Be sure to check how are the handle or the strap: the last thing you need is that your strap is annoying by being too tight or too short.