How often should you do a manicure?

When it comes to nail polish, women are generally classified into 3 categories:

  1. The ones that as soon as they notice the least damage on their nails, they rush to manicure to repair them because the nails must always look perfectly.
  2. The ones that go to a manicure and pedicure only in some special circumstances
  3. The ones who simply do not care that much about their nails to go to a manicure at all.


To keep nails in a better and healthier state, you should not do your nails more frequently than once a week, and if you have a Brazilian manicure which removed the nail cuticle, this should be done only once a month, otherwise you do too much damage to the cuticle and you can get various infections.

As Gel nails are concerned, it is allowed to go to a manicure twice a month, but not more often than that. Of course, needless to say, a small break from manicures is always more than welcome, especially if you notice that your nails are too brittle, fragile, thin, yellow, weakened.


Stock up on oils and creams for care and regularly use them between visits to manicure – your nails will be thankful, not to mention you will feel a lot more confident about them once you see the results. Remember, manicure is an awesome thing, but just as you have some balance with everything, you should have it with manicure too!