5 Interesting facts about your hair that you probably did not know!

We all want beautiful and healthy hair so that we could have a nice hairstyle. However, there are some bits that you should always pay attention to. These little things can affect your health and the overall appearance of your hair. See what it is all about!

  1. Cotton pillowcases are bad for your hair – Cotton pillowcases are bad because they can catch the strands of hair, regardless of the number of threads. These can cause cracking of hair. For this reason, we recommend the use of a satin or silk pillowcase.Coyuchi_Jersey_Pillowcases.jpg
  2. Do not comb wet hair – It is obvious that hair is easier to comb when wet, but it is three times weaker in this state compared to dry hair. If you just can not resist, comb your hair with your fingers, but use a brush or comb when your hair is completely dry.which-hair-brush-is-best-for-curly-hair-kisforkinky-k-is-for-kinky-4.jpg
  3. Apply the shampoo only to the scalp and conditioner on your hair – Advertising indicates that you use shampoo on the entire length of hair. This practice is unnecessary and only wastes the shampoo. Shampoo is designed to flush out fat, but it is not good for the entire length of your hair. Conditioner is meant to unravel, hydrate and renew, which is very good for the entire length of your hair, especially for the peaks.
  4.  Pick one of the two – Drying or using hot iron. Not both. Allow your hair to dry, and then use one of the thermal devices to help your hair remain healthy.$_32.jpg
  5. Moisten your hair before you enter the pool or in the sea – be sure to moisten the hair with plain water. Hair can absorb only a certain amount of water, therefore, if you moisten with plain water, you will help prevent that by chlorine or salt damaged.