Great pieces from the new collection of brand Stradivarius!

Famous brand of Spanish high street fashion workshops launched a new campaign called ‘Wanderlust’ and their fashion vision for spring / summer 2017.

This was also an opportunity to present the first menswear of a brand Stradivarius Man. Male model is George Alsford and the female model is beautiful Spanish model Blanca Padilla.


The calm desert served as the perfect backdrop for a series of awesome photographs signed by the duo White Adler & Salvador Fresneda, but the basic idea is the insatiable desire to travel. Stradivarius is a fashion story told through trends inspired by the future and science fiction movies. These things are especially visible in the women’s collection consisting of metallic materials, and lots of corsets and puffy sleeves with a touch of rebellious rock’n’roll.STR_WOMAN SS17 (51).jpg

STR_WOMAN SS17 (9).jpg

Seeing their new collection, it seems that the summer trends in footwear are ankle boots and closed sandals, which does not really seem like ‘summer’, but it still looks perfect!

STR_WOMAN SS17 (14).jpg

Denim, which is written in the DNA of this amazing brand, is present in men’s and women’s collection and comes in new forms and popular models. Everyone likes denim, so we believe you can easily find a perfect denim piece from this fashion brand. In the men’s collection indigo blue stands out in combination with lighter neutral tones and fine cuts. Backpack is a fashion accessory of the season for men.