Money saving Melania Trump – Surprising move the first lady of US made!

Melania Trump attracted attention by choosing a red dress from the new Valentino collection that she proudly wore two days in a row.


Melania Trump won the battle against fashion critics with her outfits since she became first lady of the United States. So far she appeared in elegant creations of Ralph Laurent and Michael Kors, and she seems to be extremely like her dress from the new collection by Valentin. Melania chose flowing red dress to the knee half of this brand to appear at the protocol office of the Oval Office. She stood by her husband who signed two regulations which should help women to more easily employ in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The next day she wore the same dress for a visit to a medical facility ‘Children’s National’ who takes care about the health of a large number of children in America. Red is the color of passion and leadership. Wearing the same clothes move was praised by many, especially because it is a model that is in the online stores sells for about 2,000 euros.


‘If I paid so much for a dress, I would not get out of it either’ – commented a lady on social media, and many other users agreed with her. Since Donald Trump prefers wearing a dark suit and red tie, the first lady lately often chooses red shades in her fashion combinations for public appearances. She already received a praise for mini dress signed by Givenchy, which she wore during a protocol visit to Florida.