Stop! – 5 Mistakes we do after a meal

Habits that we have our entire life are not easy to solve, but when they affect our health in general and prevent us from feeling good, we should do our best to stop these habits.

Here are 5 mistakes that we all do after a meal, but we should not!

  1. Going to sleep – If you go lie down after you just ate, you will make your stomach digest the food too quickly which can cause discomfort and trouble when it comes to sleeping. You are not alone (in fact you are in the majority) if you are sleepy after meals, but try to resist sleep and not go lie down for at least two hours after eating. The best thing you can do for yourself after a meal is go for a walk.bad-sleep.jpg
  2. Smoking a cigarette – Many smokers find it a great pleasure to light a cigarette after a meal, but it is a big mistake. After you have eaten, the body needs time to digest food, and smoking will certainly not help at all. Specifically, nicotine binds to excess oxygen necessary for digestion which is why the body will absorb more carcinogens than usual.
  3. Taking a shower – When you shower, blood flow in the body is changing -blood wants to quickly reach the surface of the skin so our body could get used to the temperature change. This means that the amount of blood that helps to digest food will be reduced, which can slow down the process of digestion or cause indigestion.635990288883500565-1545927371_shower-head-41.jpg
  1. Eating fruits for dessert – Nutritionists are not crazy for saying that the fruits are best to eat for breakfast or on an empty stomach. Not only will the sugar from fruit supply you with the energy required for new business and obligations, it will also help you avoid indigestion which can be the cause of the consumption of fruit for dessert.
  2. Going to exercise – Exercise should wait at least two hours after a meal. Leave the food to settle and you will avoid a possible gastric reflux, hiccups, nausea, and even vomiting.