3 Spices That Actually Work Wonders In Fighting Acne

Are you a victim of stubborn, relentless, I-won’t-budge-whatever-you-do face acne?

And have you tried almost every dermatologist within about a 10 block radius of where you love, and covered almost every beauty remedies site and ordered a bunch of so-called “miracle” remedies from different parts of the world already?

If your answers to both those questions were “yes”, then one more, quick question; has your acne gone yet?

Well, if not then we’re here to get you some actual help; I’m talking about some stuff that can actually work, no matter what your skin type is!

Now, before you actually go on and treat your acne, it is ideal to know the cause of the acne which can range from serious diet issues to hormonal issues or even lifestyle issues. Adult acne can be caused by a number of such factors, some of which you probably won’t even be able to realize until you do some deep digging.
According to the advice you got from your dermatologists, you must have used a number of antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide solutions and other such OTC remedies that probably caused you a hole in your pocket.

If you still have persistent acne, then you need to try these proven 3 remedies to curing acne that are extremely cheap and harmless. These are 3 natural spices that you can pick right out from your kitchen and create a mask of.

  1. Turmeric – It is a spice and natural coloring agent that is widely used in Indian cooking. It also has medicinal properties which is why it is also used to treat anything from cuts to colds.
    When it comes to skin care, turmeric is anti-inflammatory and contains a lot of anti-oxidants, both of which are extremely useful in fighting acne. It also has anti-bacterial properties which again help to kill acne-causing bacteria. It also contains elements that promote healing of the skin, which is helpful in fading the acne scars as well. So turmeric is literally gold in terms of skin care.
    Since it is likely to stain when applied topically, it is best to use turmeric with a base like honey, to form a mask.

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  2. Nutmeg – Again an anti-oxidant, nutmeg helps to reduce the inflammation, the redness and the irritation caused by acne. It also helps to improve the overall appearance of the skin by removing the bumps and unevenness and keeps it looking healthy.

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  3. Cinnamon – Cinnamon has always been known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it has been used to add flavor to tea and coffee for years. For the same reasons and plus an additional property of being anti-bacterial as well, it is extremely effective in treating acne. However, it is advised not to apply it directly on to the face, as it is quite a strong spice. It is best to mix it with a mild moisturizing base like milk or honey.

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The best thing about these remedies is that they are completely harmless and do not have any side effects. Go on and give them a try, you can thank me later.

Image source: http://www.prepaid-pakete.org/mind-blowing-home-remedies-treating-acne/