Azealia Banks beats the record for the shortest shorts @PFW

While the fashion designers compete to showcase their greatest designs at Paris Fashion Week, celebrities seem to be doing quite the opposite. Yesterday we talked about Nicki Minaj showing off her breast in an outfit that left little to the imagination. Today, however we’ve set our eye on Azealia Banks, who seems to be following the artist’s example.

Pas froid aux yeux #azealiabanks #lamodelamodelamode #fashionweek

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Famous rap star, Azealia Banks showed up to Paris Fashion Week a without her pants. Oh wait, they were definitely there, just too small for us to notice them. Well…we kind of almost confused  them with a pair of underwear, more specifically, a pair of denim thongs. The artist was spotted at one of the events from Paris Fashion Week looking jolly as hell while wearing her booty-less bunz-shorts, with a pair of black leather boots rising up to her calves and completed by gloves and a dark down jacket.

The rap star proudly displayed her bottom in the controversial pants at the Moncler and Greg Lauren “Collide” party. Ironically, the artist decided to pair the shorts with a navy winter coat, because you know, it’s kind of the end of winter and the beginning of spring in Paris so she needed to adapt to the season. Well…at least half of her outfit did.

So I guess that the competition for the best un-dressed star has started. For now it’s between Nicki Minaj and Azealia Banks and the competition is quite harsh. We do not yet know who wore it better or better yet who flaunted her assets better, so we are asking you guys for your opinion. Also, who do you think will join the competition? Maybe some male stars might pitch in or maybe it will be an all female contest. It’s to early to know yet.