Coconut oil – for a healthy and youthful appearance!

Coconut oil is not only perfect for delicious food – When some people think of coconut oil / grease, they automatically think about the great body cream or cleanser makeup from the face and much more!


Coconut oil is great for outdoor use, and consumption, as it has great effects on the body from the inside, but also outside. In particular this applies to people who want to slow down skin aging, to preserve the beauty, health and youthfulness of the skin. But the long story short, here are the ways in which you can use it:

Easy application – All you have to do is apply the oil / grease as any other cream or preparation. And just one note, coconut oil is below 24 ° C  converted into fat, melts in the oil in contact with the skin, and its application should not be a problem.

Coconut oil can be used as:

Moisturizer – It is rich in vitamin E, has anti-aging effect, protects against free radicals and contains natural UV filter

Preparation for bleaching dark spots on the skin – a natural antioxidant that helps in reducing or completely eliminating dark spots.

Shampoo – Natural, penetrates the hair, feeds it and nourishes, increases elasticity, nourishes the hair natural protein, prevents the electricity in your hair.

Makeup Remover – Excellent choice for removing makeup – Naturally hydrates the skin and improves skin elasticity

Anti-Stretch – Quickly and deeply absorbed in all parts of the skin, moisturizes and enhances its elasticity. It is great for pregnant women.

Bleach teeth – Lauric acid has antibacterial activity that causes plaque and darkening of the teeth. Also, works like a bleach for your teeth,  freshens breath.

Night face mask – It can be used as Cream Mask for deep hydration and intensive care for especially dry skin, and as an anti-aging treatment that removes toxins and gives the skin a natural glow.