For all occasions: These three shades of lipstick are a MUST!

These three shades of lipstick are what you should have instead of overloading your makeup purse with all shades, with these three you will have everything you need! In the beginning of last year everyone liked ‘nude’ lipstick, but then everyone gone mad for matte texture on lips, and then got them replaced with dark shades. If you are up with every trend and you ride to the shops for a new lipstick, then now you probably have a kit full of makeup you used only a few times. The truth is that every woman only needs three shades of lipstick, which saves a lot of money!

1. Creamy ‘nude’ shade – nude or beige lipstick with a creamy texture, is a great friend of every woman. This color lipstick is an excellent choice if you prefer to emphasize eye makeup and mascara seductive shadows to create the effect of ‘smokey eyes’.


2. Matt red – Makeup artists agree that the best thing is to have attention drawn to one part of your face. If you want to emphasize the lips – red roses is the perfect choice. This decorative classic lipstick is perfectly suitable for women with all colors of the hair, and fits well with the business and festive environment.


3. Glossy pink – If you are the type who likes the natural color of roses, choose those in soft shades of pink and red berry fruit such as cherries and strawberries. Delicate berries subtly color your lips, and is such a great choice of the shade for every day and performing the daily duties.