Jennifer Lopez dropped the price of her villa!

Lopez dropped the price by 7 million for a villa with nine bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and a huge swimming pool, in 2015 she priced it to be 17 million. She bought her when she was married to a singer Marc Anthony.


Ever since she moved to a new home in Bel Air, Jennifer Lopez (48) put some of her properties for selling. When Jennifer was in the villa she had a private cinema, gym and a recording studio.

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With such a discount it was easy to find a buyer, so she is all about signing the sales contract right now. US media jokes that bills in Bel Air are too expensive. – There is no reason not to let prices drop sometimes. Bargaining is normal especially when it comes to such valuable real estate – Jennifer said.


Latino beauty recently performed in ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’, where she had to choose the man she likes more. Comedian offered her Ephron, Styles, Prince Harry and Bradley Cooper.- Jennifer is free because she is too busy and has no time for relationships of any kind – said Ellen and explained the rules of the game. When Hispanic beauty saw Zac and Styles it was hard to decide. – I’d like both of them – laughed Jennifer, and after a few moments, however, opted for the singer. Ellen continued with the game and showed her and the other boys, but a musician still went for Styles.