Lose weight by tricking your own brain!

Eat with mirror and turn off the TV – There are details that unconsciously influence our food intake, and when you pay attention to them it is easier to lose weight and be more aware of what we eat and how much we eat.



With the mirror in the dining room you will be moderate and will choose healthier foods because you will be looking at your own reflection while overeating fatty foods and you will not like it. If you do not have space for a mirror, before meals – take a photo of a meal. When you ‘analyze’ the dish in the picture, once you look back on what you eat, you will easily notice that the third time this week you eat pasta in calorie sauce.


Turn off the music, you will concentrate more on eating and eat to get rid of the hunger and you will not overeat. A food intake can be reduced by counting bites. A good trick is also serving meals on smaller plates, so automatically you eat up to 30 percent less, according to a study of US Cornell University.

Aside of the size of dinner plates, color is also very important. In fact, if you are eating pasta in white sauce on the plate of the same color, you will probably eat too much. People are more moderate when the color plates are different than the colors of their meals, according to a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research. Plates with a blue border are extremely good, as they create the impression that there are larger portions of food on them.


If snacks are one of the biggest weaknesses for you, do not watch sad movies. Save them and watch comedy movies instead, because with a sad movie, we eat 28-55 percent more popcorn than with comedy, according to a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.