Stila’s New Holographic Eye Shadows; Every Girl’s Dream And Obsession

Last year we saw one of the most revolutionary eye products ever to be launched in the beauty and makeup industry. The whole of internet went crazy over them and everyone has been literally obsessed with the product since then. I guess we can say that the product kind of “broke the internet”.

I’m pretty sure all of you have already guessed which product I’m talking about.

Yes, it was Stila’s new glitter and glow eye shadow range!

It came at a time when all of us were obsessing over glittery eye looks, and of course it was launched in December. Talk about the right time for a product launch!

It was more like the perfect eye shadow for a glittery look. The formula was perfectly creamy with super high pigmentation and the out-of-the-world glow! And the best part as all of you know, is that the formula leaves absolutely no fall out, which is highly unlikely for a glitter based eye shadow!

Well, before we’re quite over those beauties, Stila has yet again launched another revolutionary product this year. It is another eye product, it is another eye shadow as well, but there’s a surprising twist!

Stila now has a new range of “holographic” eye shadow shades in the same heavenly formula as their previous glitter range. Yes you read that right! It’s a holographic glitter range. Now think of the dimension they’re going to take our eyes to!


These shadows, just like their previous versions have this rich serum like formula in to which the glitter is sealed in. So again, there is going to be no fall out whatsoever. Plus, it is meant for those lazy girls who just can’t seem to get the eye primer and the glitter to co-exist in harmony.
Considering this is probably the first time that the concept of holographic shine is being incorporated into an eye shadow, I’m pretty sure this is going to create waves in the makeup industry.

The shades available in the range are “Into the Blue” which is a deep violet with green and blue flecks; “Sunset Cove” which is a pinkie lavender shade with shimmer of course and “Sea Siren” which is a lilac shade with light green shine.

stilas 2.gif

All of these hues are available on They were only launched last week