Turtlenecks Can Be Made Surprisingly Edgy: Courtesy Street Style

When I heard this year that turtlenecks were back again in fashion, I couldn’t even act surprised because hey, the 70’s and 80’s fashion comebacks are all we’ve been seeing lately. Turtlenecks were definitely bound to come right up again.

Back in the day, turtlenecks were considered to be quite frumpy or unflattering and well, I wouldn’t completely deny that. They are one of those risky necklines or collar styles that can be very hit-or-miss. I mean that can look hella cool when styled the right way, but if not, they can make you look very out-of-place to say the least.

So it is really up to the wearer to style the outfit, but you need to know some basics before you can pull them off. Now that they have become more of a winter basics sort of thing around wardrobes, I think it is time we all tried one too.
Now instead of styling them with plain jeans and playing it safe, you could do some experimenting. I know that when we say turtlenecks, a picture of plainly styled 80’s look is what comes to our mind but nowadays; it is all about layering clothes.


So this time around, why don’t we try combining a slightly different style to turtlenecks and see if can make it edgy and adventurous; street style.

As a matter of fact, if you skim through the street style pictures of 2017, you will find that most of those looks include a turtleneck. So combining street style with turtleneck is already a thing and all we have to do is to embrace it, learn the new ways and flaunt them around.

Before we get into the fun part of different ways of styling, here are some basics to follow:

The combination can be worn in a plenty of cool ways, the only thing you have to remember though is to not overdo it. You don’t have to be afraid of combining seemingly contrasting elements like ruffles and summer dresses. You can wear simple turtlenecks as a base under such pieces.
As a basic piece, everyone should ideally own a black turtleneck, but never hesitate to try new prints, colors and textures. I mean even a neon shade or a glowy shade can look chic in street style.

Now here are some different, innovative and interesting new ways to style a turtleneck street style:

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