3 Bites rule: A trick to losing weight without counting calories!

This is a trick that will help you lose weight without counting calories and without sacrifice of sweet and favorite dessert if you are on a diet.

You are on a strict diet, but you are craving something sweet and you would give everything to enjoy the taste of chocolate or a favorite cake? Almost every diet implies a strict restriction to sweets because these foods contain a lot of calories, but with our rule of 3 bites, calories are no longer a real problem, feel free to be able to enjoy every kind of sweet food.


First bite: Full of flavor and satisfaction to the palate…

Second bite: Confirmation of the first bite, but not as good as the first!

Third bite: Taste buds have already got used to the taste, you realize that the food will not taste any better, so you can stop taking bites!

All you have to do is limit yourself to 3 bites and without any guilt, you will be able to taste your favorite dessert every day.


Most people use the ‘Rule of the 3 bites’ for desserts, but it can actually be used with any kind of food. For example, if you are at a party or have a buffet, you can taste various foods, it is important just to respect the rule on the third bite. Of course, it is understood that you will not eat three bites of 20 kinds of food, but that you continue to eat on a reasonable way. Instead of counting calories, count how many times you bite the food!