5 (no)calorie meals for a body like Gigi Hadid!

Gigi Hadid and her menu laughs at stereotypes of models who do not eat anything but lettuce and apples. On the contrary, she is thankful for her curves because of daily gym visits, but also rich in protein diet with occasional doses of forbidden fat and sugar.

1. Scrambled eggs, fried bacon and toast in the morning – Gigi Hadid begins most of her days with Scrambled eggs, bacon and with a toast of sourdough. Beautiful model lives near the famous restaurant ‘The Smile’ in New York where she orders this dish, it goes well with inevitable coffee and juice squeezed oranges.

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2. Baked beans in tomato sauce – Thanks to her boyfriend Zayn Malik coming from the United Kingdom, Gigi lately often eats and baked beans in tomato sauce. It is a rich source of protein and an integral part of a typical English breakfast.

3. Hamburger – ‘Eat healthy to stay fit, eat a burger to stay mentally healthy’ is the motto many people go for. Of course, due to excess fat, hamburgers are only occasional reward, not a daily occurrence on Gigi’s menu. More often for lunch, she eats a salad of arugula, which she truly adores.

4. Ice cream mint with chocolate chips and biscuits – When desires sweet, Gigi chooses ice cream mint with chocolate chips and biscuits. Sweet snacks are allowed only on special occasions.


5. Sushi – Japanese sushi, or pieces of fresh fish combined with the cooked rice, vegetables and soy sauce are a favorite choice for Gigi Hadid. It is a healthy protein choice model has chosen for evenings out with friends.