Beyonce and her lips secret: What made her lips look so much bigger than usually?

Fans have noticed that Beyonce enjoys the pregnancy very much because beautiful singer totally shines, but they also noted that her lips look noticeably bigger than a year ago. Did the singer have her lips done by surgery or is the reason something else?


Ever since Beyonce announced that she is awaiting her second child, looking at photos of the famous singer, it is clear that her lips are noticeably bigger than a year ago. Fans immediately assumed that the 35-year-old diva had lip cosmetic surgery, however, the reason for the new, fuller lips could be something else. In fact, doctors say that it is possible that a woman lips swell during pregnancy, especially toward the end of pregnancy, and it is speculated that Beyonce in the second quarter.


Swelling of the lips during pregnancy occurs due to possible disturbances in the thyroid and endocrine systems, as well as due to fluid retention. Changes on the face generally in pregnant women are not uncommon as well as swelling of the feet and hands, explained the Center for Regenerative Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery Me-dent. However, fans of singer doubt that Beyonce has fillers. – Wow, Beyonce’s pregnancy lips. She must figure out how to keep them without putting fillers – Twitter. What do you think about her new ‘lips’ and do you really believe it is the pregnancy that caused this? Very possible, she is stunning!