The little things in the house that make you unhappy!

Accumulation of old things that we do not want to throw out due to various sentimental or intellectual reasons eventually begin to make us unhappy. Here are the things that make you unhappy and an advice on how to get rid of them!

Bunch of children toys – In fact this does not refer to a couple of toys on the floor, but on the hills of toys, clothing, pens, boxes full of tiny toys, hairpins, necklaces and other things. The mess that is created by children’;s things stimulates anxiety in parents as a continuing need for cleaning up and moving things from one to the other end of the room, from one box to another – it seems like Sisyphean task. The amount of things and toys that children have today is completely unnecessary, because most children play with a maximum of 5 items.


Solution: Take things into your own hands, check boxes, bags, etc. and get rid of the things which are completely useless and your child does not play with. Do the same things with clothing and footwear. The results of your efforts will prove to be a large amount of boxes and bags full of unnecessary things. These things you can sell at a flea market organized by various organizations or donate to families who need these things. You can take them to the attic or basement as well.

Gifts, useless gifts – Gifting is awesome and everyone likes it, but useless gifts eventually become nuisance and a complete mess.


Solution: Get rid of all the gifts without guilt. If you do not enjoy them and have no benefit from them, that means that you are just cluttering space.

Memories from childhood – It is one thing to have a few favorite toys, board games or pieces of clothing, and the other thing is to keep a closet full of things from the university in which you no longer fit at all.


Solution: The times are changing us, it also changes the things that make us happy. Do not blindly stick to the things that represent a certain period of life. Choose a couple of important things to you, get rid of the rest by donating.

The colors in the apartment – Most people are not even aware of how much color in their home affects their mood and energy. For the red, orange and fiery tones are thought to raise energy and activate people, and bluish tones, mostly cool colors that soothe and relax.


Solution: Makeover! Do not follow the trends – if you decide to change the color of space, think what color you would normally enjoy, give yourself time to choose the exact shade that you want, and do not let people change your opinion about it. You do not have to use a single color, you can combine complementary colors that will make the space look very dynamic.