Awesome tips for storing makeup on alternative ways!

Cosmetic bags used by the vast majority of users of make-up products are not even the neatest and most comfortable way of storing a lipstick, especially those lipsticks which you reach out to every day.

Although the cosmetic bags can be found with multiple compartments or from transparent material to make it neater and easier to see inside, below we bring you alternative ways of storing that will change your make-up collection and simplify your routine.

Transparent case with compartments


To make your favorite products always available it is recommended that you have them separated from the rest. Neatly and clearly arranged, beauty advisors revealed transparent boxes with compartments and drawers are an awesome choice. They bring order in your daily make-up collection, while they are easy to clean and extremely practical, they also make it much easier to find that lipstick that you never manage to find when you need it.

Make-up on the wall


If you live in a small apartment where there is no space where you are able to place your beauty bag or box, practical and lightweight organizers that can be attached to the wall are a perfect way for a small area to reduce the amount of clutter. Use a blank wall and create a place where your makeup has to be orderly and neatly sorted, without overwhelming your bathroom and disturbing other family members.

Glass vessel makeup storage


If you have somewhere a beautiful glass vessel which has its place, use it as a place in which you can save your everyday make-up. Practical opening and transparent glass, this beautiful case will provide a functional character and turn it into an awesome place to store your makeup.