Coffee drinking habits from all around the world!

While the plain espresso for true coffee lovers will always be the first choice, the most popular beverage is now consumed throughout the world in many ways. Cinnamon, cheese or whiskey are just some of the extras which, tend to be added in the coffee!

In the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, preparation of coffee and today can take up to two hours. Fresh coffee beans are roasted only when ordered and then grounded up and prepared to buna, in Ethiopia it is called espresso. Some will now choose sugar, while the old Ethiopians buna was drank with salt and butter.


A different taste of coffee you will have in the western part of Africa, in Morocco, where people really seem to love spices. To make coffee very intensive, they will gladly prepare a mixture of spices such as sesame seeds, black pepper and nutmeg.

For the same reason, in many cafes Italian espresso is served with a slice of lemon, which, for better flavor, is placed on the edge of the cup. Latte is a morning drink for Italians, while the afternoon is all about ordering a short espresso.


In some parts of the world coffee consumption is transformed into a real small meal. So in Vietnam in espresso they added well blended whiskey with egg white, milk powder, butter and goat cheese. A cup of coffee is served in a bowl with hot water to stay warm longer than usually.

The unusual combination of coffee also enjoy the Finns, who will with coffee serve and traditional cheese juustoleipä. The cheese is cut into small pieces and put on the bottom of the cup which is then poured over with hot coffee.


In many countries, people drink coffee all day. In Turkey, coffee was included in the UNESCO list of world heritage (2013), black, sweet and strong coffee drink after dinner as part of a dessert with a famous Turkish sweets such as halva and rahat lokum (Turkish delight).

‘Coffee for the evening’ was invented by the Irish 40’s of the last century so that American tourists would not be cold. The famous Irish coffee has whiskey, sugar and whipped cream, and so prepared coffee is usually a drink after dinner.