Find out who is to blame for your wrinkles, pimples and bad skin!

No matter how you look after your skin, how much you put in her care and how many expensive creams and treatments you have bought, your skin is still not cooperating?

Discover the mistakes that you do and try not to do them anymore!

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Skipping meals – Leads to a lack of nutrients, which is why your skin may feel dry and tired, but other than that, it will quickly grow old. Eat regularly and on the menu as often as possible, have citrus fruits (for vitamin C), peanuts (for vitamin E), avocado (for vitamin B3) and sweet potatoes (for vitamin A).

Hair care products – The next time you are using a hairspray or other products, protect your face, and during physical activity carrys a tape that will prevent sweat and harmful chemicals come in contact with the skin of the face.

Dirty glasses – Do not leave them just at any place and stop putting them in the bag along with a bunch of other things. When your glasses are not on the nose, put them in their bag and regularly clean them, as they may become a hotbed of bacteria.


Too much salt – Because it causes dehydration, it can cause dry skin and make it look grayish and very tired.

Too much sugar – Because sugar has a bad effect on collagen fibers, causing the skin to prematurely relax.


Exaggerating with skin peeling – If you do peel your skin more than once a week, do not make it a habit. By peeling the skin you are removing natural, beneficial oils that protect your skin, while the outer layer quickly decays and can not effectively protect the other layers.

Neglecting your lips – skin on them is thin and needs special care. Not only do you need to regularly use a balm for the care and protect them from the bright sunlight, but it would be good that your lipstick contains nutrients.


Not enough exercise – Regular exercise contributes to good circulation, which improves the appearance of the skin and helps the body get rid of toxins.

Exaggeration with alcohol – Similar to salt, alcohol causes dehydration of the body due to which your skin becomes awful, flaky, looks tired and gets unhealthy color.