How to avoid too frequent hair washing if you exercise on daily basis?

People who exercise often wonder whether they should wash their hair every day, or will it destroy their hair. With the following three advices, you will learn how to avoid washing your hair too often:

Forget to wash the whole hair


Even famous hairdressers do not recommend washing your hair every day because it makes it dry and lifeless. Also, frequent washing can stimulate the skin to produce more oil than usual, which is why hair gets oily and awful very quickly. During the exercise, mostly fringe part of the hair gets ‘soaked’ with sweat, so it is enough just to wash them, there is really no need to go for all of your hair at all!

Choose your exercises carefully

Choose exercises that will include most of the muscles in the body, but so that you do not sweat too much. After exercise make sure that you dry your hair with a hair dryer (not too much heat).

Before going to exercise fix your hair


You just washed your hair, and you have to go to a training? No problem, apply a dry shampoo before leaving and gather hair into a high bun. Shampoo for dry cleaning picks up the excess sweat until the next hair wash, which is a real saver when it comes to trainings!