5 Foods that you should not eat after 7pm!

If we want to lose weight we should not eat after 7pm, that is the rule that everyone who wants to lose weight should follow. However, if you later in the evening came to an irresistible desire to eat, eat something with low calories and be modest, just make sure you do not eat the next 5 ingredients!

  1. Fries, Greasy, heavy food, obviously, packed with calories and fat, but also difficult to sit on the stomach and it takes longer to digest, which is why in the morning you feel tired and sluggish, or as if you did not sleep at all. If you are hungry later in the evening, instead of caloric, fatty foods like French fries, pick a smaller sandwich with whole grain and turkey.1483119553670.jpg
  2. Red meat like fatty foods, can sit down hard on the stomach which is why you should not be eating it before sleep – red meat is slowly digested. Red meat is the worst choice to eat after 7pm, but a large portion of chicken or pork will have the same bad effect. You do not have to completely avoid protein, just make sure you eat lean meat in small quantities, such as turkey breast or a cup of yogurt.
  3. Spicy foods – Enjoying in hot food after 7pm can cost you a good sleep. In addition, spicy food creates some form of corrosion in the stomach and often causes bloating and indigestion, especially if half an hour after consuming such foods pane.lentil.jpg
  4. Pasta – Pasta is one of most caloric carbohydrates – in one portion of pasta you can consume as many as 400 or more calories and they are mostly collected in the abdomen. Pasta will do a lot less damage if consumed earlier in the day, for example, before exercise when the body requires more caloric carbohydrates.
  5. Chocolate, not only that chocolate is full of calories and sugar, but it also contains caffeine, which can cause restless sleep. Chocolate does not make us less hungry, so if you are craving chocolate, that means that you are not hungry, you just have cravings for sweets. A better option will be a hot tea or a glass of chocolate milk with low fat. But if you really feel hungry, eat a graham cracker and one tablespoon of hazelnut spread or other nuts with half a cup of milk.chocolates