5 Morning habits which make us gain weight

Biggest mistake of weight loss is starting the day in a wrong way, reveals dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, president of the ‘Institute for sustainable weight loss’. It is important to avoid these habits!

1. Sleep through the alarm clock – You heard the alarm clock, but you have not gotten up in time? It is known that lack of sleep raises levels of cortisol in the body causing us to have increased appetite. A study in the journal ‘PLOS One’ revealed the negative impact on our weight by overextending our sleeping habits. It has been shown that people who sleep more than 10 hours have a higher body mass index than those who do it to 7-9 hours during the night.

2. You are too lazy to do your bed – ‘National Sleep Foundation’ found that people who every morning fix their bed are 19 percent more likely to have a good sleep during the night compared to those who do not. People who have been sleeping properly have no cravings for sweets and calories during the day and that is a positive effect on your figure and maintaining the right body weight.


3. Preparing for job in the dark – You have the curtains drawn down upon waking up, you are missing the positive effects that the sun has on the human body. A study published in the journal ‘PLOS One’ showed that people who are exposed to the morning sun’s rays have a lower body mass index than people who do not, regardless of what they eat. The study suggests that it is enough to spend 20 to 30 minutes on the sun to enjoy this positive effect.


4. You never check your weight – The University of Cornell researchers studied the habits of 162 obese women and men for two years. The analysis showed that the people who were on the scale every morning, were much more successful at weight loss, because they controlled food intake during the day. The study found that it is the best to weigh yourself immediately after waking, because then the weight will be the lowest of the day.

5. Skipping breakfast – People who start the day with a balanced meal of 600 calories are less likely to suffer from sudden attack of hunger, than those who eat breakfast around 300 calories of lean protein and carbohydrates. To these findings came the researchers at Tel Aviv University, who discovered and to be easier to comply with caloric restriction in the day if the morning started with a real breakfast.