5 Most common mistakes that we do with our lingerie!

Beginning of dressing starts with underwear, but this important part of the wardrobe is often not given the attention it deserves. Avoid the next 5 most common mistakes that we do with the underwear!


1. Wearing too small panties – Underwear is not a dress which you can forcefully put on yourself and believe that it is all good. It is advisable to wear panties for number larger than your normal jean size.  Too small, too narrow or insufficiently comfortable panties can be etched into the skin and create a feeling of discomfort that will follow you throughout the day. Also, wearing tight underwear increases the risk of fungal infection and inflammation of the bladder.

2. Wearing the wrong panties with certain outfits – Thong may seem like the best choice when you do not want to have your underwear outlines, but this can be an awful error. For example, thong lace outline will be visible under tight dresses made out of light materials. A better choice in this case are boxers or body without edges with slightly longer legs. With a high waist skirt it is the best to wear panties with high waist.


3. Buying underwear without straight edges – When choosing lingerie, priority should be an underwear with no visible edges. If the edges are not straight, especially those around the waist and buttocks, panties will inevitably accumulate under clothing and will be visible and can cause irritation.

4. Wearing a mesh lingerie in summer – It may seem that the mesh underwear gives more breathing, but really it does not. Synthetic materials such as polyester retain heat, moisture and bacteria which increases the risk of bladder infections and fungal infections, and the inevitable discomfort throughout the day. In summer it is best to wear sheer underwear made of natural materials like cotton that will absorb moisture and keep the skin dry.

5. Wearing light underwear beneath dark clothes – We know that dark underwear will be visible under the clothes of bright colors, but also the light underwear can emerge under dark clothing. Especially if you take pictures with the included flash. Therefore, with a black dress, wear black underwear.