Netflix will allow you to select how is your favorite show going to end!?

No matter whether it is a popular series or suspense film, we all find ourselves in a position where development of the story or the end was not what we wanted. A tragic ending of a favorite character or a love story with an unhappy end often leave us feeling overwhelmed disappointment, but it seems that Netflix has a good plan on how to change that – and every viewer will have a chance to change the way story goes.



Streaming service Netflix is working hard on improving the user experience and overcoming the competition, but this time they really decided on a major step forward. Although this is only a experimenting project, which has yet to be seen whether it will come to life, the popular service will be dedicated to the strengthening of interactive possibilities. In short, they want to allow viewers to themselves, influence the development of the story and choose what kind of ending they desire. – People will go through the same content in different ways. They will be able to make decisions related to the key characters as they watch.


‘We will see if this experiment will succeed, but once you get the interactivity, there are no more restrictions’ – said the CEO of Netflix Reed Hastings. Basically, in order to enable this option, all actors will have to record several different scenes so that users can select what they want to watch. Imagine that you have the ability to influence the selection of boyfriend Rory Gilmore or save Barb in the first season of the series ‘Stranger Things’!