6 Secrets of women who always have the perfect makeup!

Their skin is like porcelain, and they always have perfectly made-up eyes! We reveal their secrets!


1. Quality preparation – The more hydrated your skin is, the better it will look when you put the powder on, also it will last longer. The best way to do this is to apply a moisturizer and a few minutes of small circular motion massage the face. When it is fully absorbed, begin by applying make-up.

2. Base should be applied in layers – Start by applying concealer where you need it, and then apply the powder to make it all nice. Also, bear in mind not to overdo it with powder, make it look as natural as possible.

3. Two different blushes – One may be creamy, and then go with those in the dust. Better yet, use two different shades, for example, hot and cold, to achieve a more natural look. When it is fully absorbed, begin by applying make-up.

4. Secret of perfect eye lines that look very professional and smear – The secret is in going over these same lines, with the shadow of the same color. If you have very oily skin, use a primer prior to shadows.

5. They are not afraid of translucent powder – White Powder, is what will ‘lock’ your makeup on your face and prevent smudging. Apply it with the help of powder puff, not a brush, consult experts and apply it on the forehead, nose and chin and skip the cheeks.

6. Always have a lipstick with you – Being able to fix your lipstick in just any time, especially after drinking coffee or lunch, when disappears every lipstick looks awful.