Don’t have freckles? Get them tattooed

A flawless complexion is no longer in, the latest trends involve marking your face with small dots on your face. It is about getting freckles tattooed onto your face and it’s called: freckling.

Lately, the trends involving tattooing your face are increasing. It all started with tattooed eyebrows (a technique known as microblading) and continued with permanent eyeliner for that flawless cat eye look and also lip contouring tattoos.


The latest tattooing trend leaves the clients with a sun kissed appearance. The practice of tattooing freckles onto someone’s face is  a technique known as freckling and it was started by Gabrielle Rainbow, who is a Montreal-based cosmetic tattoo artist.

The tattoo artist is not really sure about how the beauty trend became viral, but she started the process after one of her friends got tired of having to draw freckles on her face using makeup. She started by testing out freckling on her own face. After seeing that it worked and that she liked the result, Rainbow proceeded with tattooing her friend.


The freckling service is now available from many clients. The tattoo artists claims that the tattoo freckles last up to two years and then soften up and have a more natural look  when they heal.


After the freckles are tattooed, they first appear swollen, similar to bee stings. The swelling, however, goes down after a few hours and the clients are left with fresh new freckles. The color tends to soften dramatically in about one to two months and start looking more natural. Even though they might disappear in time, you can always get them tattooed again.As for the price, it is about $250 and additional touch-ups usually range between $80-$100.

It seems like we never like what we have. People with freckles want them to be gone, while people without them want to get ones tattooed. It’s a great thing then that there are options for all of us. Right?