Lollipop lips, the latest beauty trend

London Fashion Week came with a lot of great new outfits and trends. Fashion designers were not the only ones setting the trends for the year. Make-up brands showcased they products in innovative ways by creating  unique looks that would set the trend for the seasons to come.

MAC cosmetics first presented this look at London Fashion Week at the Preen by fashion designer Thotnton Bregazzi’s fashion show. It is a messy look and at first sight it might seem to be easy to achieve. Don’t 3 year olds who steal their mothers’ makeup all look like this after applying lipstick?

Don’t get fooled by how easy it seems to recreate the look. Sometimes the careless looks are the hardest to achieve. In order to get the lollipop lipstick look you will need to intentionally smudge your lipstick around your mouth in order to make it seem like you have been eating a lollipop. Just look at toddlers after they eat sweets. Something similar to that.

The reactions to this makeup trend have not been so favorable though. Many people have tweeted and expressed their opinions about the trend on social media. The lollipop lips trend has even been awarded a nickname,  “Kylie Jenner lip challenge gone wrong.”. I guess it is a bit too rough, right?

TBH, the trend looks like a toddler has been playing with makeup. Even though it might have worked for Fashion Week and fashion shows, I guess it is best that it remains on the catwalk and for editorial purposes. As it seems, the public opinion is not a fan of this trend launched by MAC, so it is safe to say that it will not soon leave the runway and head towards the streets. What do you guys think about it? Would you wear your lipstick like this?