Perfect leather pants do not have to be black!

When we talk about this model of pants, somehow we always first think of those black pants or leggings, which are also the most popular, but more attention are getting these red leather pants and they will be an absolute hit this spring. Some other day, we wrote about how the leather pants might be the most desirable model this season – the ones that are not too wide nor too narrow – but the kind that will highlight your line perfectly as supposed to.


It is also the piece that you are already very likely to have in the closet of the previous seasons, and that you can wear in really different circumstances – from business to casual. It is only important to intelligently combine them with other clothing items and customize them, so they fit in every occasion and situation you are in.

When it comes to this model of trousers, somehow we always first think of the black ones, which are also the most popular, but red ones can be awesome too. It seems the the oldest Kardashian, 37-year-old Kourtney likes to be a little bit different. She picked an interesting clothing combination and walked Calabasas – She combined beautiful red leather trousers with the shirt of the famous cartoon character Mickey Mouse and black heels. Although the overall combination might not be something we would all pick to wear for a walk, certainly we like the red color which is getting more popular among women. It is scientifically proven that this color makes people more attractive, especially if it is on clothing items.