Beauty and the Beast Makeup Collection is Here

Everybody is raving about the new Beauty and the Beast movie featuring Emma Watson. If you are fans of the movie, then there are even more reasons to be excited. If you are fans of makeup and great looking packaging, then there are also many reasons to be happy. The renowned makeup brand, L’Oreal has launched a new collection featuring, you’ve guessed it: Beauty and the Beast inspired products and let’s just say that they are simply magical.

L’Oreal’s collection includes seven different types of lipstick and nail polish that can either be bought together, in a kit that comes packaged in a box and contains a carboard copy of the castle from the movie, or as standalone pieces.

As for the shades, the collection includes some obvious ones. Both the Beauty and the Beast each get classic reds, while Mrs. Potts gets a pink hue, Lumiere, the candlestick gets a light tan look, fiery Cogsworth gets an orange red, meanwhile Plumette gets, you’ve guessed it: plum and of course, rose for the famous flower.

Everything seems too good to be true. A wonderful makeup collection with enchanting packaging based on an even more magical story. However, there is one simple catch and it is quite heartbreaking for all the makeup fans and fans of the Disney movie. L’Oreal’s Beauty and the Beast collection is unfortunately only available via Amazon Italy. But Amazon ships worldwide, right? Yes, however, in this case the product listing specifies that the vendor will not sell the products in the USA.

I guess that it’s time to call those great friends that you have in Italy or make that long waiting trip to Rome that you’ve been saving for, because it seems that for now, there is no other way of putting your hands on the products.