BEI – An exclusive restaurant in Beijing

One of the things that binds all people is love of food, and this is an oasis of modern environment and favorite Asian flavors.


Stylish restaurant Bei – which means ‘North’ in Chinese – was designed by the creative team Lyndon Neri and Rosanna Hu. Experienced staff strives to evoke the contemporary northern Asian cuisine. Neri and Hu have created quite magical atmosphere with the constellation of bulbs hanging from the ceiling at different levels.


The concept of environment is based on elements of the forest. The feeling of warmth and home is achieved by the details of dark wood surrounding the entire room. Dim lighting and dark colors create a calm and warm ambience. Everyone will be surprised that these little non-traditional Asian dishes are created by Max Levy, from New Orleans, who became an obsessive fan of Asian style and cooking. Combining love of design and food, designed in another way in which visitors will feel respected and fascinated – a large mirror that is set up so that everyone can easily observe the preparation of food in the kitchen.

1319105193_bei5Bei_Private dining room

The restaurant is divided into five rooms with purple walls, which gives a sense of the theatrical environment, with a multitude of colors, scents and flavors.