The new collection of sunglasses Dolce & Gabbana will make any extravagant lady go crazy!

The new collection for spring and summer is divided into two lines. Extravagantly limited line of ‘Tropico Italiano’ and little more quiet ‘Mambo’.


If you are looking for new sunglasses that are anything but ordinary or been seen on the streets, brand Dolce & Gabbana will be the perfect choice. Known for their limited editions that come straight from the catwalks, this duo for years pleases the tastes and needs of all the ladies who do not hesitate to experiment with gorgeous accessories. In the new, current collection they created two lines.

One is reserved for grandeur, and the other is a little calmer, but far from ordinary. ‘Tropico Italiano’ has only two oversized models, one of which comes in pink, blue and beige, and the other is a story in itself. It is a model that could not possibly go unnoticed at the presentation of the collection.

They look just like masterpieces. In line Mambo round models prevail, these are hand-made, they honor the vibrant colors, music and are studded with gilded beads and precious stones. The model is available in two variants, the shiny golden model decked with colored crystals and pink gold with clear crystals.With them there is also the most feminine feline model which also comes in several colors, and the handles are studded with tiny silver crystals. They look very luxurious, and will add a distinctive aesthetic to your style.