Tarte cosmetics embraces unicorns in its latest collection

Unicorns are probably the most adored animal in the world. Although there has been no clear evidence of them, Scotland has this mystical creature as its national animal, so there must be some truth to it. Everybody knows that unicorns are magical and people want a bit of that magic on their faces, right? Β I have some great new for you guys, Tarte cosmetics is launching a unicorn inspired collection that is said to light up our worlds. Isn’t that amazing?

#swatches @tartecosmetics Unicorn Collection Launches 3/15 no specific time. 🌈 SWIPE TOO SEE OTHER PICS The eyeshadow palette is stunning! She made a gorgeous eye look! all the colors seemed really pigmented and applied easily. I'm really surprised at the color of the highlighter I didn't expect it to have that little bit of shift, you can really see it on deeper skin tones. πŸ˜πŸ’œπŸ¦„πŸŒˆ You know tarte is sneaky and they always have more than what they say. I was watching their Snapchat the one thing she kept repeating was "theres so much more I want to show you" & "lots of good stuff coming" so I don't know if there's more to the collection or things coming later. Super excited for this launch!! #newpretties #tarteunicorncollection #makebelieveinuourselfpalette #tarterainbowhighlighter #spellboundglowrainbowhighlighter #tarteunicornbrushes PC @tartecosmetics @popsugarbeauty update @makeupworldnews

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Tarte cosmetics is making our dreams come true and this unicorn inspired line is one of the brand’s most colorful one up to date. It also has an enchanting name “Tarte Make Believe in Yourself”, not to mention the products itself. The cosmetics are truly magical and colorful which was to be expected given the inspiration for them.

Even though in the past other companies have launched some beauty products that pay homage to the mystical creature, none of them have gone all the way. Tarte however, is stepping up its game and bringing us all a wonderful version of unicorn horn makeup brushes, eye shadow and cheek palettes and of course, an iconic rainbow highlighter. Oh, and this is not all. Did I mention the fact that all of the products are made from all natural ingredients? What more can you ask for?

Maybe unicorns are not real, maybe they exist, who knows? However, there is one thing that I can say for sure: this collection is simply out of this world. The rainbow highlighter might be a bit harder to pull off, but the eye shadows are simply amazing, not to mention the brushes. So prepare yourselves and your pockets, because this unicorn inspired makeup collection from Tarte cosmetics is definitely one that should not be missed.