THE ROYAL SPA – A real Royal Resort!

ITC Mughal Kaya Kalp, Royal Spa could be considered a real paradise on earth.

This luxurious spa resort is divided into 42 apartments, and owns most luxurious room of your dreams, The Khwab Mahal palace. Royal Presidential Suite is named after the Mughal Queens. Within the complex there are lobby rooms, bedrooms, apartments, private massage rooms, steam baths and outdoor pool with controlled temperature.


The overall ambiance is decorated with beautiful shades of gold, silver and white. Kaya Kalp therapy will make you feel brand new, as it regenerates the body and mind, and the service is called – Servant of God, who will always be under your command. This magnificent spa resort has been rated one of the best in India. It stretches over 9,200 square meters and has landscaped gardens, fountains, a remarkable kitchen that leads to the world of luxury, happiness and overall well-being.


This is a place that embodies the symbol of eternal love and architectural harmony, the monumental Taj Mahal in Agra. Located in northern India, and from the outside it looks like a large heavenly palace on 35 acres of magnificent gardens of fragrant fruits and flowers. Royal Spa offers Mughal mix – sensual mixture of Persian and Indian treatments, treatments with precious stones and massage with a combination of pomegranate, lime and ginger, oil, signed Raoyal Spa.