Bath Bomb Highlighter is the new Trend

It seems like beauty trends never cease to impress us. We literally think that people just like the color of something and say: oh, that would look great on my face. And then try to see if it works as a makeup product. So when we heard that people started using shimmery bath bomb as highlighter, there was no surprise.


Even though nothing really surprises us these days in terms of people’s creativity, we wouldn’t have really thought about using bath bombs as highlighters. We usually associate them with those fizzy things that melt into your tub and transform it into a much needed calming and relaxing piece of paradise after a day of hard work.

A couple of versions of Lush’s famous bath bombs have glitter in them.  The Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt, in particular is filled with gold shimmer. When you use it in your bathtub, you are left shining from head to toe, as intended. However, beauty lovers, trying to start a viral trend have decided not to follow instructions. If it’s shiny, it means that it could be a great highlighter, right?


Some people have decided to rub some of the magical golden glitter from the bath bomb onto their cheekbones, where they would normally put their highlighter. The irony is that Lush also makes a highlighter called: The Feeling Younger Skin Tint, which is much more subtle and natural looking. However, it seems like the trend of this year is glitter and people are doing anything to follow it.

The shinier you are, the better. From glittery lips to glittery eyelids, it seems like the trend is catching up with the cheeks. Soon however, we will be left with the whole face full of glitter, right? It just takes one person to start this trend.