For some, achieving the ideal cat-eye look, can be a real challenge, even if we are very experienced at it. This is why there are numerous products and tricks that should help out at the application of perfect cat-like lines, and the latter one became a viral – with a very good reason.


Achieving a flat, flawless lines sometimes seems like an impossible mission, especially for those who are not very frequent users of such make-up. No matter how steady your hand is and how many brushes you have in your makeup bag, brush stroke is often a real challenge: lines often turn out uneven, stained and winding, but an additional problem is that it should be applied equally, or extremely similar in both eyelid. Therefore every story about a new trick makes us happy, especially if it is something you already have in your bathroom and you can give it a try right away. The secret that will make it easier to do a cat-eye look revealed the beauty blogger Makeup By Sugar on her Instagram account – It will help only with ‘wings’, you will still need to do the line above the eyelashes with a help of your steady hand and a lot of patience. In addition to the brushes and eye liners, this time it is about dental floss – the ideal is one that comes in a  stick and with no smell at all to avoid eye irritation.

Another EYELINER HACK that works using a DENTAL FLOSS as a guide to make sure you will not go crazy with your winged liner. Lol! And match this with Heartbreaker lipstick from @hudabeauty @shophudabeauty, you are now ready for your Valentine's date. ❤❤❤ 👉🏼I actually filmed this last year. I forgot all about it. Lol! 😊 Note: Do not use the mint flavor dental floss. _________________________________________________ #wakeupandmakeup #allmodernmakeup #eyeblogbeauty #makeupclips #makeupvideoss #fakeuproom #makeupslaves #slave2beauty #stylevideo #1minutemakeup #maryhadalittleglam #talkthatmakeup #make4glam #glamvids #makeuptutorialsx0x #hypnaughtymakeup #hypnaughtypower #makeupcoach #fakeupfix #peachyqueenblog #brian_champagne #cakefacevanity #ShimyCatsMUA #makeupfanatic1 #liveglam #fashionarttut #hudabeauty #makeup #makeupaddict @thebeautygoals

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