The most expensive and most luxurious YACHT IN THE WORLD!

Over the years, we have seen many types of superyachts and megayachts, which are in possession of the richest men in the world, with more technology, facilities and services of the best hotels in the whole world.

These mega ships can cost up to several hundreds of millions of dollars. However, the Italian Sea Group edition Admiral X-Force 145 is so grandiose that price is in the billions. The yacht, which has yet to be constructed will cost several hundred billion dollars, and its concept to help explain why this is so. Designed by Dobroserdov Design studies from Monaco, this mega-yacht has a dynamic space, full-height windows, lake and swimming pool in a closed, two helipads and a spiral staircase.


For all those lovers of fun, this yacht has a club and spa on two levels, so that the party can begin as we speak. In this area there are indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sun loungers and bar, in addition to two private cinemas, gym and several garages. The price of this yacht will be available only on request, and to customers who show a real interest in buying.



An interesting fact is that this yacht is longer than two jumbo jets and one-half football stadium. The concept of this yacht presents us with glittering elements which are particularly stressed with glass sculptures. In an official statement by the company they said: ‘The continuous glass surface provides plenty abundance of natural light. From the bow of the yacht, there the observation post, which gives VIP guests a spectacular view, the food, club and spa on two levels, outdoor and indoor pool make this project truly unique. The design and layout made to improve the space makes it obvious that, this yacht will be something impressive and offer us a new perspective of the world’s mega-yachts.’